FlashLight Tools Free

Double Flash

Control the camera's Flash and the screen, with extra modes:

Date-Time, SOS, Strobe Light and Configuration Screen

Includes additional modes such as:

+ Time Mode: shows the date and time on a digital and analog clock.

+ SOS Mode: An international light code with flash and display or its quick location via GPS (no internet connection required) or an emergency call.

+ Strobe Light Mode: Creates a strobe light in the manner of a disco light, configurable of the speed of light.

+ Multilingual support (Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Italian, German or Turkish).

+ Support split screen and rotation, useful for example for front lighting in selfie mode in low light conditions.

+ Battery level and light indicator.

This application is fully configurable in the following screen of the following modes:

+ Change the colors of the screen.

+ Activate the front flash if available and if it is compatible (tested by Samsung J5 and J7) it is also necessary to activate the previous flash controllers.

+ Flash auto-start when opening the application.

+ Shut down when it pauses, useful for when you want to turn off the flash from the power button or keep the flash on all the time.

+ Adjusts the brightness to the maximum and changes the screen color for screen illumination or ambient light; You can also change this mode by touching the main screen anywhere without buttons.

+ Remember the mode used when exiting (Flash, Time, SOS or Strobe Light), when we reopen in the selected mode.

+ It allows to use in addition to the current drivers the old Android drivers, in some devices with Android 6 this mode has a superior performance in the Strobe Light mode and to be able to use the front flash this mode is required.

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